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We love the system and we use it daily. It is by far one of the best time-saving tools we have purchased. The system is simple and easy to use. It has eliminated inefficiencies from an operational standpoint and created great efficiencies for data and reporting needs. The talexio team proved to be highly accommodating and innovative in their solutions to our requests.
Telecommunications, HR Training & Development Specialist
When it comes to recruitment and selection, I consider talexio as my personal assistant. It is my right hand in all the aspects of the recruitment process and it is very user friendly and simple to use plus you always get an excellent and timely service from the provider.
Aviation, Head of Human Resources
We have been using talexio for several weeks now as our main recruitment database, the system is very user friendly to manage and maintain and has a lot of flexibility and adaptability for our needs. Our team is highly satisfied with talexio and would highly recommend it to all teams who manage the so called ‘’messy’’ area of recruitment.
Security & Surveillance, Assistant HR Manager

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