Employee Onboarding

Automate the tedious, but mandatory processes of onboarding so you can focus less on paper pushing and more on creating better connections with your employees. Whether you’re a manager, a new hire or an HR professional, Talexio makes this process smoother for all.

Forget about the paperwork

Talexio makes new engagements, terminations or custom checklists a breeze. Simply create tasks or select the forms that need to be actioned by specific employees, and they will receive an email notification with all relevant information. Make important documents like employee handbooks, internal policies & employment contracts, all accessible through one platform.

Auto generate contracts & Sign digitally

Save time by auto generating employment contracts at the click of a button. Employee information that is already gathered on Talexio can be used to create personalised, custom documents, and sent to your employees.

A new way to look at onboarding

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