Talexio’s performance & goal management module helps your employees and managers collaborate more effectively by helping them reach goals faster.

Performance Management

Talexio is here to fix performance management for good. Our tool helps human resources evaluate employee productivity faster while keeping transparency high. Send & schedule recurrent or periodic performance appraisals, probation reviews and exit interviews. Relevant employees will be automatically notified via email based on engagement, the appraisal deadline, or their termination date.

Goal Management

Talexio’s Performance Managеment module provides employees and team leaders with a tool that they can use to effectively set and follow long and short-term goals. Keep everyone on the same page with visual roadmaps of the goals ahead. Monitor high & low performing employees and overall project progress.

The Big Picture in your Company’s Performance

At Talexio we know that staying on top of employee performance and happiness is both a challenge and a requirement for success. Our tool enables executives and your HR department to compare data from organizational factors like appraisals, departments, salary levels & others over time. That way, your HR department understand which factors influence employee wellbeing and make improvements wherever needed. Thank us later!

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